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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Library Thing

Huh, you would think, as a cataloger, that I'd be all about Library Thing, but I have to admit that my love of all things cataloging does not seem to extend to cataloging my own collection. As I added 5 books, though, my mind did start to wander to the possibilities of using Library Thing to find more books to read. I definitely do intend to explore that, as I'm always looking for something to read, and always catching up with my favorite authors and having to wait for more from them.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Found this candy heart image generator through one of my RSS feeds - now wish I could create a bunch more cataloging candy hearts and then order them to be created and sent! Here's the link to the generator:

Thing 9 - Finding the Feeds

Well, Syndic8 made it easy to subscribe using Google, but hard to find feeds. The others were the reverse - easier to find things I wanted, harder to figure out how to subscribe using Google. Wish everyone had those nice little icons. That's why I like the Sub With Bloglines favorite - they make it really, really easy!! I did find some interesting political and entertainment feeds. I think the most common way I find new sites to add to my feed reader is by reading about them in related blogs already in the reader! I suppose this is particularly true for cataloging blogs. Don't spend a lot of time just looking for more blogs to follow - sometimes, enough is enough!

RSS Feeds

I do love RSS feeds - having all the web sites I check regularly in one place - and only having to look when I KNOW there is something new is a wonderful thing! I use Bloglines and I love how it works. I have a little Sub With Bloglines favorite, and all I have to do is click on it when I find a site to which I want to subscribe. Google didn't seem as simple to me, but it wasn't hard either, and it may just be getting used to a new interface. I probably won't switch though, have some concerns about privacy on Google.

RSS feeds can be great for me in my job - I subscribe to a number of cataloging and Tech Services blogs, and get great ideas, interesting news, and all kinds of information that helps me keep up with my profession. I would think the same could be true for anyone, in any job. I'm sure there are just as many blogs for reference or childrens librarians as there are for catalogers.

RSS feeds are a great time-saver - they would get my vote for one of the best things to come out of the Internet.

Anything About Technology!!

Really, anything? That is a pretty broad area. My favorite technology right now is definitely my iPod. I love listening to only music that I like, love that I can buy just the songs I want instead of a whole CD (I know, purists will argue that albums are whole things and should be enjoyed that way, but I've NEVER done that), it's easy to carry around, and I can indulge my secret love of 1980s Rick Springfield songs (please don't tell anyone!)


It is kind of fun to look around and see what pictures people will post for anyone to look at. Here are some great flower pictures - just liked them:

7 1/2 Habits

I do have a strong belief in the desirability and necessity of being a life-long learner - have to keep things interesting. I think the easiest habit discussed in the online video is number 2 - to accept responsibility for your own learning. No one else is going to insist you keep growing, learning, improving. So if you want to continue to be interesting and useful, you better know that you need to take that on for yourself.

The hardest habit for me? Probably to view problems as challenges. Sometimes, problems just feel like problems. On my good days, I do see them as challenges and even have fun jumping in to fix them. But there are plenty of days when problems just seem like problems, and I want them to go away and let me do something easy!

28 Things - a Fresh Start

I kind of got distracted from the 23 Things project - moving to a new building seems to be a bit disruptive :) I'm very interested in these technologies, so I'm glad to have a second chance at this, and decided to start from scratch and do it right!