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Friday, February 12, 2010

Thing 9 - Finding the Feeds

Well, Syndic8 made it easy to subscribe using Google, but hard to find feeds. The others were the reverse - easier to find things I wanted, harder to figure out how to subscribe using Google. Wish everyone had those nice little icons. That's why I like the Sub With Bloglines favorite - they make it really, really easy!! I did find some interesting political and entertainment feeds. I think the most common way I find new sites to add to my feed reader is by reading about them in related blogs already in the reader! I suppose this is particularly true for cataloging blogs. Don't spend a lot of time just looking for more blogs to follow - sometimes, enough is enough!

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  1. I was an avid Bloglines user until they kept having problems with the webpage timing out, i.e. never loading & losing track of all the feeds I had read. I switched to Google Reader over the last few months & love it, especially the sharing items with friends feature.